About Us
Overview We are a fast growing healthcare company that provides innovative solutions for the prevention, improvement, and monitoring of disease.

We will lead the innovations and changes among the global healthcare industry in the field of mobile healthcare, a digital platform where you can measure various components of the blood with a single smartphone and biosensor, and in the field of molecular diagnostics, a form of accurate and stable molecular detection of biomarkers with 1drop's special technology.

Business Overview Point-of-Care Molecular Diagnostic Platform
Consisted of Reagent + Device + App

1copy™ COVID-19 MDx Kit

1POT™ Device

1POT™ App

1copy, qPCR Kit Using Widely Distributed PCR Machines

We develop and manufacture molecular diagnostic products that can stably detect genetic materials (DNA/RNA) at a single-molecule level.

  • Blood Cancer (Myeloid Leukemia)

  • CTC(Circulating Tumor Cell)

  • Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC)

  • Infectious Disease

1drop, Smartphone-based Solution for Monitoring of Chronic Disease

We develop and manufacture digital healthcare solutions that allow you to monitor your health with our user friendly smartphone app (Android, iOS) and disposable in-vitro diagnostic biosensors.

01 Hospital / Clinical Lab

Diagnosis / Prescription / Consultation / Monitoring

02 Self-Testing


03 Remote Patient Monitoring

Consultation / Monitoring


We aim to contribute to humanity by providing world-class healthcare products and services with our team of experts and unique technology.