1drop's Point-of-Care molecular diagnostic platform is an integrated solution consisting of reagent + device + mobile application.

1copy™ COVID-19 MDx Kit

1POT™ Device

1POT™ App


It can be applied in various ways, not only to COVID-19, but also to mosquito-borne diseases, hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, and etc.

  • COVID-19

  • Vector-borne diseases

  • Hepatitis

  • STDs

  • Respiratory Diseases

  • Gastrointestinal Diseases

1drop's Connected Technology

We suggest a new paradigm with IT & Bio integrated solutions to the healthcare market.


It automatically collects information about user group, user details, department, and measuring time&location by scanning the QR Code through the app.

1POT™ Professional

The result data will be transmitted to the server in real time.


You can check test information such as Lot information, results, and user feedback through the web page.

We, 1drop, consider the convenience of prevention workers in both central and local governments, manufacturers, and distributors.

Experience effective disinfection and efficient inventory control through Integrated Point-of-Care Molecular Diagnostic Solution of 1drop.

Checking the current time and location, identify the movement of patients and effectively prevent infection
By controlling inventory effectively, reducing the cost of distribution management
Reduce inventory maintenance expenses by checking client's consumption at real-time
Business area
  • Small and medium-sized hospitals/Public health

    Checking whether you are infected with COVID-19 before hospitalization or surgery
  • Place in emergency

    Healthcare professionals test at point-of-care for patients with fever, in emergency rooms, ambulances, doctor helicopters, etc
  • Pharmacy

    Inspection at the pharmacy → The result is sent to the customer by text message → Issuance of a Green Pass
  • Sports stadium

    Regular inspection and pre-entry for spectators, players, and staff
  • School

    Regular inspections of students and staff
  • Airport

    On-site inspection before boarding an airline flight

1drop Point-of-Care Molecular Diagnostics Platform is a best solution for telemedicine called untact treatment system, by enabling confirmation, management, and transmission of measurement results through the app.

  • Patient

    Integrating measurement and telemedicine apps, manage your health anywhere, anytime
  • Medical worker / Quarantine officer

    Share real-time measurement data and check the location, identify the movement of patients, so effective quarantine is possible
    Reduce work hours and administrative burden and increase work efficiency
  • Supplier / Manufacturer

    Check consumption in real-time, and through JIT production and supply, reducing the cost of distribution inventory and production management
User experience

We think of customers as our first priority.

Compact and portable

Detection of amplified results via visible light instead of fluorescence allows the usage of a simple, compact device.

easy to use

Check the result within 7~25 minutes.
Only 3 steps are required to check the infection of the disease.
Step #1: Sample preparation  >  Step #2: Test  >  Step #3: Check the result

Short testing time and convenience do not mean low quality of accuracy.

Connected molecular diagnostic solution with accuracy and speed


Based on isothermal amplification technology which is a part of molecular diagnostic test, 1copy™ COVID-19 MDx Kit Professional has 96.6% of accuracy in comparison to PCR test.


You can check the result in 7~25 minutes by skipping RNA extraction step after sampling.

Easy to storage/transportation

Our freeze drying reagent allows convenient and stable storage/transport.

  • Freezer/Fridge

  • Dry Ice

  • Cold Chain

Freeze Drying Reagent

9 1POT™ devices can be connected to 1 device simultaneously

Testing efficiency can be improved by managing max. 9 devices with Bluetooth at the same time.
Not only the COVID-19 but also other infectious diseases, such as Flu A/B, can be tested with multiple devices at the same time.

Product Specifications
Test Item 1copy™ COVID-19 MDx Kit Professional
Target gene N, S
LoD 100copies/rxn
Test Time 7~25min (Positive 7~25min / Negative 25min)
Detection chemistry Isothermal amplification
Reagent state Solid
Sample Viral materials from nasopharynx
(Professional : NP, Personal : Nasal)
Catalog No. M26590
Dimensions 1 Pack (10 pieces) 115 x 145 x 280 mm
Per piece 110*275 mm
Weight 1 Pack (10 pieces) 500g
Per piece 50g
Test Item 1POT™ Professioanl
Connection Bluetooth 5.0
Interface Testing with device and mobile App
Battery 3.7V 6500mAH
Testing condition Heat up to 55-65℃ from room temp (20-25’C) within 5 min.
Operational Temp. 15-35℃
Operational Humidity 10-90%RH
Catalog No. M26690
Dimensions 85.0*59.2*70.3 mm
Weight 220g
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