1copy BCR-ABL qPCR Kit

1copy BCR-ABL qPCR Kit is designed to evaluate the expression level of genes causing chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML), treat CML and monitor its recurrence.

BCR-ABL Molecular Diagnostic Testing

1copy BCR-ABL qPCR Kit contains reagents for in vitro diagnostics, which uses real-time PCR to quantitatively measure BCR-ABL1 fusion mRNA in total RNA collected from the whole blood of a patient diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia.

Rapid and Convenient

Because 1copy BCR-ABL qPCR Kit can detect various target mRNAs in a single step, it is very quick and convenient to use.

1copy™ BCR-ABL qPCR Kit
(Single Step)
(2 steps)
2hr 25min 3hr 30min
20min 1hr
Supporting Accurate Diagnosis

1copy BCR-ABL qPCR Kit shows a high level of sensitivity with a complete molecular response (CMR) of more than 0.00323% IS.

Category Period Level
Early Molecular Response 3 months BCR-ABL < 10%
Complete Cytogenetic Response 6 months BCR-ABL < 1%
Major Molecular Response 12 months BCR-ABL < 0.1%
Complete Molecular Response
(Deep Molecular Response or
Complete Molecular Response)
After 12 months BCR-ABL < 0.0032%
Genotype Coverage

1copy BCR-ABL qPCR kit can detect Major type (p210 : e14a2, e13a2), Minor type (p190 : e1a2), Micro type (p230 : e19a2) of patient's genotype in a single test.

1copy BCR-ABL qPCR Kit is a solution for all: patient-healthcare provider-distributor.
  • Patient

    Accurate quantitation of gene expression level allows personalized drug prescription which significantly decreases the probability of developing drug resistance.

  • Physician

    Progress of treatment can be accurately acquired.

  • Healthcare Provider

    Single step process not only increases efficiency but also minimizes experimental error.

  • Distributor

    Because of our product's compatibility with many widely used PCR machines, we are able to respond to various customer demands.

Test Step Single Step
Limit of Detection(LoD) 4pg(~8 copies, >95%,CL)/ MR 4.77(MR value)
Target Gene 4 types of fusion mRNA(b3a2, b2a2, e1a2, e19a2)
Testing Time 2hr 25min
Sample Total RNA (Blood, Bone marrow)
Test Item Chronic myeloid leukemia
Components Container Color Volume
(100 tests)
Master mix Red 1000㎕
Primer Probe mix Brown
(Amber tube)
BCR-ABL1 Standard1
(1 X 106 copy / 2㎕)
Green 50㎕
BCR-ABL1 Standard2
(1 X 105 copy / 2㎕)
Green 50㎕
BCR-ABL1 Standard3
(1 X 103 copy / 2㎕)
Green 50㎕
BCR-ABL1 Standard4
(1 X 102 copy / 2㎕)
Green 50㎕
ABL1 Standard1
(1 X 106 copy / 2㎕)
Blue 50㎕
ABL1 Standard2
(1 X 105 copy / 2㎕)
Blue 50㎕
ABL1 Standard3
(1 X 104 copy / 2㎕)
Blue 50㎕
Control1 Yellow 50㎕
Control2 Yellow 50㎕
DEPC Water Clear 1000㎕