1copy™ Probe, one of 1drop's key technology, is a DNA-RNA hybrid probe that is used with a thermally stable enzyme, RnaseH, suitable for hot start technique to maximize the degradation efficiency. As a result, fluorescence emission is increased significantly which allows detection of DNA and RNA at the level of a single molecule.

1copy™ uses a DNA-RNA-DNA hybrid probe with thermally stable RNaseH to provide stable and reproducible results to accurately quantitate genetic material.
Because 1copy™ can detect target genes in a single step, it is quick and simple to use.
1copy™ is compatible with many PCR machines used worldwide.
1copy Probe provides consistent performance of detecting at a single molecule level.

With 1copy™ Probe technology, detection at a single molecule level is not only possible but also applicable to many different fields that require highly sensitive technology.

CTC(Circulating Tumor Cell)

cfDNA(cell-free DNA)

ctDNA(circulating tumor DNA)


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ISO:13485 / GMP / KOSM O-(Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry)-00360


We have established a global network through our experiences in supplying products to more than 30 countries.
In addition, with our experience in obtaining certifications from FDA-EUA, CE-IVD, ANVISA, Health Canada, and SAHPRA, we are able to enter quickly each specific market with localized strategies.

Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property
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